Benefits of Paint by Numbers

Benefits of Paint by Numbers

The excellent quality, the variety of pictorial formats and compositions, as well as the possibility to create surreal, fantastic, and unique masterpieces using the Paint by Numbers kits without having to learn the principles, the wide choice of subjects, make it very popular both among the beginners and the great hobby painters.

benefits of paint by numbers

Painting Allows to Express Yourself

It's not about painting life, it's about making painting live..

Paul Cézanne

Through her paintings, Frida Kahlo was able to literally transform her disability into a work of art, to exalt her real self instead of hiding it, to express, in the same way she lived, that nothing can hinder the inner strength, the freedom of intentions if they are sincere, the beauty outside conventional schemes.

While painting, you are free to express your feelings, emotions and bring on the canvas your thoughts, dreams, hopes, and desires.

Paint by Numbers for Adults

Paint by Numbers for Kids

Besides the adults, another target who really enjoys painting by numbers is the very young generation. paint by numbers kits for kids are created to make young imaginations soar through a realm of color, excitement and innovative creation and keep children entertained for hours.

All Paint by Numbers kits

Not only children would love painting, but these kits also help them develop better concentration, patience and an eye for detail.

Paint by Numbers for Kids

Anti- Stress

If they told you that painting influences our standard of living and our physical and mental health, would you believe it?

One of the main and immediate benefits we derive from painting is undoubtedly its action against stress: emotions are free to express themselves through a preferential channel that does not risk bumping into others or being misunderstood.

Painting as the right therapy

Many psychotherapists have verified the beneficial effects of art in helping patients with psychological problems because art in all its expressions fees the subjectivity of the person. Thus, one can resort to the art of painting by numbers to resolve conflicts, communication problems, difficulties in expression and many other psychological aspects.

Paint by Numbers as Therapy

It improves our motor skills

Like when playing a musical instrument, even with the painting by numbers canvas we learn how to adjust the movements of the hand when we handle a brush or pencil and develop brain connections related to this ability. In adults, painting helps improve up-motor skills.

Paint by Numbers DIY Painting

It increases concentration and brain movements

Dedicating oneself to painting requires concentration. Painting is a meticulous job that allows you to forget the environment and to let go, letting time pass without realising it.

With the painting, both the hemispheres of the brain are stimulated, right and left. The left hemisphere has to do with the logical and rational aspect, while the right one is connected to creativity and emotions. It is about freeing the imagination and letting it fly so that even the most profound thoughts can breathe.

Paint By Numbers Kits

Emotional Intelligence

“The true painter is one who is able to paint extraordinary scenes in the middle of an empty desert....”

Salvador Dalí

Emotions are a very important part of creativity. With painting by numbers kits, it is possible to let emotions flow and experience happiness, love, empathy and inner peace. The feeling of relaxation that is achieved with paint helps to achieve a harmonious balance between the mind and the heart.

Paint by numbers vintage kits

Apart from the thrill of creating your own works of art, another fascination with paint by number is the possibility to paint big vintage masterpieces just by following the numbers.

From ballerinas and the Eiffel Tower, to tug boats and poppies, you'll have your choice among a huge inventory of different paint by numbers vintage kits.

Vintage Paint by Numbers Kit

Paint by numbers landscapes

You can capture the serenity of a lake scene or the beauty of pine on the shore, the freedom of a small chirping bird on a tree branch, spend a beautiful afternoon in Tuscany or enchanted by looking at the beauty of a street in Paris.

It's easy to unleash your creativity with fun, beautiful paint by numbers kits and create beautiful landscapes to use as home decorations

Paint by Numbers Landscape

How to Paint by numbers 

It’s easy and accessible to everybody: All you have to do is to paint one color at a time inside the lines and also paint outside the lines, starting from the largest area to the smallest. This technique will help you prevent any accidental smudging. Little by little, you’ll learn a technique

Another tip is to start with darkest to light colors or the other way around. This helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the composition, shapes, and shades of colors, color toning and how they affect one another.


Even though you are being guided by the numbers, the canvas numbers are guiding you in a relaxing and non-conformist way.

There’s room to express yourself, there’s a way to use your brain and a strong feeling of accomplishment at the end.

It all depends on you and your vision. You don't have to be afraid to experiment and find your own style.


Precious Customers Feedback 

Really motivating & inspirational. I'm gonna give it a try.

Anna Jones  Apr 2, 2019

Sounds great. This is surely a must try activity. Thanks.

Susan Flynn  Apr 22, 2019

I'm quite stunned to read these benefits of paint by numbers art. Till now I was doing this activity just for fun but now I've found the proper justification of doing so.

Brenda Cohen  May 15, 2019

I didn't know these facts before. This is a totally new thing for me. Thanks for increasing my knowledge about paint by numbers kits.

Hillary Keel  Jun 23, 2019

This post made my day. I'm quite happy now to adopt this hobby.

Kathryn Weldon  Aug 15, 2019

Literally surprised to learn these facts. Quite interesting post to read.

Betty Ibarra  Aug 20, 2019

I got my first paint-by-number as a gift for my 10th birthday: 2 cats! I'm almost 70, and still painting, though the subject matters have changed. I love it--it's relaxing, good for near-sighted people, and can be enjoyed year around. It's also INEXPENSIVE, the icing on the cake!

Evelyn  Sep 21, 2019

I read some of these people's remarks and I wonder why they didn't like their paint by number, did you go outside the line and that bothered you or what was it, I received a beautiful canvas, framed ,easy to paint by number instructions you can say all you Want bad but mine is beautiful. I can't wait to get started you know you are allowed to go outside the line they won't put you in prison for making a mistake, I've been doing this for over 50 years each creation is your own, it's your work of art.

Bonnie Schofield  Oct 16, 2019

I read some of these comments on wonder why people are disappointed I received a beautiful canvas to start with came with plenty of paint I do recommend getting your own brushes one set go from very very small to very very good large tips and you know you are allowed to go outside the line they do not put you in prison or making your own creation very well done I love mine and can't wait to get started in fact I bought four and you can't go wrong each creation is your own do not fear your own creations because they will become part of your life and I can't wait to finish wanted to go to the other and another all of them are of horses and they'll look beautiful in my new home that is a horse ranch I bought and have dreamed of for decades I can't wait to see how my artwork turns out.

Bonnie Schofield  Oct 16, 2019

Paint by numbers made ne realize that there is life in retirement. I am a person that cannot stop working. I found my peace and always sharpen mu mind When I paint by numbers. When people see my paintings, they say “how creative, how talented”. When I tell them I paint by numbers, they take a step back and say”oh”. Its like that was no creativity or talent. When I see this, I Challenge them to be able to do same. This is where they truly realize the effort it takes to paint by numbers. I am on number 7. 2 of my paintings will be given to my adult children to hang in their house. They will be a remembrance to my kids and grand kids of what grandpa did to leave his mark after I pass. I highly recommend this hobby.

Cam  Feb 22, 2020

Paint by numbers also enable you to Experience success. The completion of a picture can provide a great sense of achievement. Thus, improving self-confidence and inspiration. Good Job!!

Anita Freeman  Aug 30, 2020

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