How to Paint by Numbers? | Tips, Ticks, Hacks & Benefits

“The Ultimate How to Paint by Numbers Guide for Budding Artists”

Dear art lovers welcome to our complete step-by-step ultimate guide on how to do paint by numbers in a very simple and explicit manner without getting entangled in surfing the internet or getting stuck with starting your paint by numbers kit.

paint by numbers full guide

Not sure about Paint by numbers or how to get started? Don’t stress out we’re here to help you with it to the very end but before starting with the ultimate guide let us shed some light on what exactly is the paint by numbers technique & its brief historical overview. Paint by numbers isn’t something as new as diamond painting and made its first debut in the public in 1951. Paint by numbers in its popular form was created by Palmer Show Card Paint Company and it got more fame in the year 2011, when Dan Robbins and Palmer Paint Products, Inc., together developed and brought to market a new 60th-anniversary paint by number set which was created in memory of the survivors and those who had lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

So, what exactly is paint by numbers?

Paint by numbers is really easy to get started with and you really don’t need to have any prior experience for it. Its super easy and flexible just follow the simple rules and go with the flow! But If you think that paint by numbers is merely a method of following rules like number by number, piece by piece or color by color then sorry to let you down but it isn’t quite the case. Whether you are a passionate artist or simply trying to unravel your inner artist painting skills, our paint by numbers kits are really fabulous to get your hands on and easy to use.

Paint By numbers Guide
Choose Your Painting Kit

How does Painting By Numbers work?

It gives you a feeling of immense pleasure when you are done completing your magnificent painting after putting in all of your focus and energy. Doing paint by numbers is not meant to be done only by kids but also by adults alike because it’s a universal fact that everyone has some hidden inner skills which one needs to unravel to see his full inner potential and doing paint by numbers which is a very simple yet great focus seeking process that helps in brushing up one’s inner artistic skills.

"Paint by numbers gives you the liberty to express your feelings in unique ways like yourself!"

Paint by number is a fun activity to do which inculcates a sense of creativity in you and liberates you from the constraints of boring time. It teaches and helps you to broaden the horizons of your unique artistic attributes. It helps in recognizing the insight that painting isn’t a boring task to do and it is comprised of various shades and shapes of colors.

Paint by number ultimate guide

Things You Need for Paint By Numbers?

Making a painting is pretty straightforward once you have all of the supplies, but collecting each individual piece can be time consuming and expensive but if you think you’re going to need lots of stuff for that then fret not it’s not like that. This is another major benefit that paint by numbers has over other art forms because it equips with you everything to need from start to finish, including the stuff to hang it on the wall.


Paint by numbers image will have many different shapes and sizes, so you need the right brush to correspond. Depending on the size and difficulty of the painting, it’s standard to have at least three options with a finer brush and wide brush included. Take some time to learn the brushes before you get started and maybe do some practice strokes.

painting by number kit


The canvas will be sized in accordance with the painting, and it might also come with various options. These might be already mounted and stretched on wooden bars or could be a single roll of canvas that you can choose to present as you wish when you’re done. You can also have your paint by numbers kits with DIY wooden frames. You'll have to assemble the frame yourself after completing the painting. You can choose any of them as per your choice.

Paint by Numbers Canvas


You’ll get small pots of paint with each color required to complete the image and a number on each. Most will be pre-mixed and ready to go, whereas others will require you to mix some of the more unique shades. You must always remember to put the lid back on once you’re done dipping the paintbrush in as they can dry out quickly due to their size.

Paint by Numbers Paints

Color Chart

The color chart in a paint by numbers kit serves as a vital roadmap, guiding you through the painting journey. It provides a clear reference for matching numbered sections on the canvas with the corresponding paint colors, ensuring accuracy and organization throughout the process. With its help, you can efficiently navigate color mixing, troubleshoot any discrepancies, and achieve a polished finish that stays true to the intended design.

Paint by Numbers Color Chart

Paper Copy & Instructions Manual

The paper copy and instruction manual accompanying a paint by numbers kit are invaluable resources that streamline the painting process. The paper copy typically includes a printed version of the design, allowing you to reference the image while working on the canvas. Meanwhile, the instruction manual provides step-by-step guidance on how to approach the painting, including tips for mixing colors, techniques for painting different areas, and troubleshooting advice. Together, these components offer comprehensive support, empowering artists of all skill levels to embark on their painting journey with confidence and clarity.

Paint by Numbers Instructions Manual

Wall Hanging kit

Depending on the size of the canvas, you can also order a assembled frame or DIY frame to hang your astonishing masterpiece on the wall. These include screws and bolts, as well as recommendations for how to hang it.

Paint by Numbers Frame

How Hard Is It to Paint by Numbers?

For those completely new to the process, you might be concerned about whether or not you’ll actually be able to paint and this frustration puts most people off from ever trying their hand at art, and they end up missing out on the lifetime of benefits it offers to create your own masterpieces. Our Ultimate Guide to Paint by Numbers will simplify the process for beginners to understand the learning curve.

Painting through numbers guide & Tips

Paint by numbers was built to quash these very fears and make art and painting accessible for everyone. Even if you are about to start from scratch and have never even picked up a paintbrush, you will be able to make your very own picture. Just as the original brand promised, these kits really do make everyone a Rembrandt.

The entire process of working on a paint by numbers kit is laid out easy to understand, with everything from detailed instructions to the paint pots included. It’s near impossible to get it wrong, and there’s also room to get creative with what you make, so the process doesn’t have to be as systematic as critics would have you think.

One of the best things about these paintings is that they can vary so much in difficulty. You might start off with something easy and then work your way up to a more challenging image, or even try the same painting but with a different color scheme. There are no rules in place for how you have to finish them and you can go at your own pace as long as you feel comfortable.

What Kind of Paint Is Used?

Every paint by numbers kit comes with a selected amount of paints, each in their own separate tubs. These tubs have enough paint within to complete the picture, and usually, more to account for any mistakes. 

painting guide

The paints are separated into the most used colors, but there may be a direction to mix them together to make others. If this is the case, the instructions will show you exactly how much is required of each. Beginners might prefer to only use pre-mixed colors so they know they’re correct, but if you’re unsure about mixing you can just try a little on the side to get the combination right.

One way that people take creative control of paint by numbers is to choose their own colors. You can be experimental in what you put and change the corresponding colors and numbers, but this won’t always turn out looking perfect. You might also use other art supplies like glitter or material to add to the final piece, but again it’s simply a matter of experimentation. Depends upon your choice.

The most common type of paint used in a paint by numbers kit is acrylic. This is the preferred type because it’s easier to keep the brushes clean, goes onto the canvas with ease, and dries quickly. There are some oil-based paints but for beginners, acrylic kits are the best place to start.

Paint by numbers kits also come in other formats, like watercolors or pastels. These obviously aren’t “painting” by definition but they follow the same approach, and for people who want to mix things up and try something new, it can be interesting to try another art form.

Before Starting Your Paint by Numbers Kit - Tips

There are many brands who make paint by numbers kits but most of them follow the same outdated method. If you’ve been wondering about how exactly this process works, this is the ultimate step by step guide at how you can create your very own masterpiece.

1. Choose your favorite painting

The key to finishing a painting is choosing one with an image that you actually like. There are thousands of images available and in varying degrees of difficulty, so take some time to pick one that stands out to you. Click Here to order the following astonishing picture painting.

painting through numbers full guide

2. Make your own artist’s space

All good artists have their own space to work in, and now that you have paint by numbers you should too. Look for a flat surface that is hopefully away from others, place a plastic sheet or something that will prevent it from getting dirty. Set up all of the supplies you’ll need including a glass of water for washing the brush, the paint from the kit, and somewhere to place your canvas.

Art Room for Paint by Numbers

3. Read the instructions carefully

Check the instruction on the box and make sure you understand them before you begin. Some may vary in how they code the colors and each kit will come with its own palette to work with.

4. Starting with Paint by numbers

Decide what approach you want to follow for painting each shape. Some recommend starting from the bottom left corner and working your way up, others suggest beginning with the largest shapes first. Whatever you do, be careful not to smudge and avoid from dragging your hand on wet paint

painting with numbers complete infromation

5. Find a comfortable & well lit-room

For particularly small confined spaces, a magnifying glass and lamp can be really helpful.

6. Take a digital picture of your canvas with your phone!

 This will give you a permanent canvas reference that you can never mess up, spill paint on, tear, burn, crumple, or shred! You can also zoom in on any small numbers or spaces. Time to ditch that magnifying glass and paint your heart out!

Paint by Numbers Kit

7. Finish your masterpiece

Check the entire canvas and make sure there aren’t any blank spaces or any numbers visible through the paint. Do a double coat of paint where needed and tidy up any final lines. Mount or hang your canvas, or gift it to a friend, but wait until it has completely dried. You wouldn’t want all of your efforts to go to waste?

Display Your Paint by Numbers

8. Frame your painting

To frame your completed paint by numbers painting, first, select a frame that complements the artwork's style and colors. Ensure the painting is clean, then measure and cut a mat if desired. Secure the painting to the mat (if using) with acid-free tape or mounting corners. Next, assemble the frame, inserting the painting and mat (if applicable) and securing the back. Attach hanging hardware to the frame, ensuring it's sturdy and evenly spaced. Finally, hang your masterpiece in a prominent location for all to admire.

Paint by Numbers framing

Scientifically proven benefits of doing paint by numbers

A thrilling aspect of paint by numbers is that its initial appearance isn’t as vibrant and colorful as it should be, but as you continue to fill in the shapes a lively picture begins to come alive! The creation of a captivating masterpiece from a blank page is what paint by numbers is all about.

  • Art flair training

The first step to becoming a great artist is to understand how the shapes and colors all play in with each other. Paint by numbers teaches this very concept and lets you slow and methodically work your way through the different colors to see how they might react with each other.

  • Reduces stress

We now know that art forms like coloring books and paint by numbers show huge declines in the stress levels of people who enjoy them. The simple act of taking yourself out of the situation and focusing on a painting can give you an overall sense of relaxation.

Painting by numbers guide 

  • Boosts concentration and attention

Our brain can actually benefit from being creative and paint by numbers has been shown to be a natural brain-boosting activity. Spending half an hour a day on your painting can give your attention and concentration abilities a boost as well.

  • Pain relief

Art therapy has become a respected and recognized method of pain relief for people suffering through various illnesses. A study published by Michigan State University showed art therapy helped reduce the pain of adult cancer patients and showed a reduction in depression for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

  • Form of mindfulness

Mindfulness is at the basis of meditation and what better way to focus on the now than with painting? Following the steps and shapes of paint by numbers, you stay in the present moment and will be less likely to drift off with negative thoughts and emotions.

  • Makes a great gift or home dĂŠcor

Paint by numbers is a unique way to show a loved one you care, whether you gift them with an unused kit or a finishing piece. Better still, you can fill your home with professional looking art pieces that cost just a fraction of the price of the real deal.

Painting through numbers guide
  • Artistic Skill Development:
Engaging in paint by numbers fosters artistic skill development by providing structured guidance for beginners and opportunities for experimentation for more experienced artists. Through this process, individuals learn about color mixing, brush techniques, and composition, gradually honing their abilities and gaining confidence in their artistic expression.
  • Enhanced Mood and Well-being:
Paint by numbers offers numerous benefits for mental health and well-being. Engaging in a creative activity like painting can reduce stress, lower anxiety levels, and promote relaxation. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction derived from completing a painting can boost self-esteem and enhance overall mood, contributing to a greater sense of happiness and well-being.
  • Social Connection:
Paint by numbers isn't just about creating art; it's also a social activity that can bring people together. Whether participating in paint by numbers events, joining online communities, or painting with friends and family, it provides an opportunity for shared experiences, collaboration, and meaningful connections that enrich our lives.
Paint by Numbers Community

Become an advance level painter from a beginner: The Complete Finalized Ultimate Guide to Paint by Numbers with expert tips

1. Acrylic paints dry quickly. Make sure to paint 1 number at a time and close the lids whenever you are not painting to prevent them from drying out. Only open 1 paint pot at a time.
2. Always iron your canvas before beginning to paint to get out any creases or wrinkles in canvas.
3. Paint pod without any number or any grey dot will indicate grey or blank area on the canvas.
4. If you don’t want to drill in your walls for holes to hang the canvas and don’t want any of the hassle then try using double -sided tape, glue dots. Quick easy and hassle free!
5. Make sure to wash your brushes thoroughly with water after every single use and wipe it with towel there shouldn’t be any color left in them.
6. Moisten your brush before putting it in the paint. We would recommend to dip the brush in a cup of water and then drying the excess water off on a paper towel before dipping the tip of your brush into the paint pod.
7. Dip only the tip! To make the most precise strokes, conserve paint, and prevent your brushes from getting dried up and hard, just use the tip of your brush. Makes it much easier to paint the fine details in these kits.
8. Use white out or a white colored pencil to cover the numbers and spaces and ensure they do no show through the paint.
9. Save any extra paint you have after your kit for future touch ups, or even a masterpiece of your own!
10. All our paints are acrylic and water soluble. Sometimes paint dry up if they aren’t sealed well after use. If you find that a paint pod has dried up or a little too thick, add a drop or 2 of warm water to bring it back to life!
11. Is your paint thicker than you would like? Add 1-part flow improver(alcohol) to 20 parts water in your water cup. This will make the paint flow more smoothly off your brush compared to dipping in regular water!
12. Tiny spaces too small for even your tiniest professional paint brushes? You can try and use toothpicks they’ll surely come in handy where those big brushes can’t reach easily.
13. Having trouble getting paint off? Try using cotton ball with nail polish remover! Would definitely do the magic!
14. In case of kids give them safety goggles to wear so they don’t accidentally put paint in their eyes by shaking the brush suddenly.
15. Make sure to keep your brushes dry in any safe box or tools bag where you would be keeping your other paint by numbers tools.
16. The best way to choose a color is to try it out first. If you are not sure what color to do on canvas then use a combination of colors and different shades to see what color best suits your eyes.



    Question 1: What exactly is gesso, and why is it used?

    Answer 1: Gesso is a primer that makes paint go on more smoothly and makes the canvas more absorbent. HOWEVER, gesso is not nearly as necessary when painting with acrylic paints versus painting with oil paints.

    gesso for paint by number

    Traditional gesso for oil paints contains a glue that helps bind the paint to the canvas and prevents the paint from corroding; however, all of our 1300 paint by number kits use ACRYLIC paints. Acrylic paints do not deteriorate like oil paints, which make gesso a lot less important.

    Question 2: Should I use gesso?

    Answer 2: Totally up to you! We don’t recommend it for our acrylic paint by number kits!

    Gesso for acrylic paints will make the canvas a little bit smoother and a little more absorbent, but may smudge your numbers and lines and will make it more likely to run out of paint for your paint by number kit!

    Question 3: Should I use clear gesso or white gesso?

    Answer 3: Only use CLEAR GESSO for paint by number kits! If you use white gesso or any other color, it will cover up the numbers and spaces you need for your paint by number kit!

    Stretching and Framing


    Question 1: Should I stretch my canvas? Should I do it before or after I paint?

    Answer 1: It is totally up to you! You really cannot go wrong, but we do not recommend stretching your canvas for beginners or first timers. However, if you do want to stretch your canvas, we recommend doing so before painting!

    Question 2: How do I stretch a paint by number canvas?

    Answer 2: Stretching paint by number kits can be a little more difficult than stretching a regular canvas because you need to line up the border of the canvas with the DIY frame. It may take a few tries, but it is totally doable. You can click here to check out our how to frame a paint by number canvas guide for your better understanding.

    Stretching painted canvas

    Question 3: What are the benefits to stretching a paint by number canvas?

    Answer 3: Stretching a canvas makes the canvas a bit more portable. We usually recommend it if you have an easel and you want to take your kit outside to paint. (Painting on a beach was one of the most relaxing painting experience we have ever had.) 

    Question 4: What are the detriments to stretching a paint by number canvas?

    Answer 4: Stretching a paint by number canvas requires a lot of patience. It may also be hard to stretch it very tautly without the proper tools, so you may find it easier to paint with a flat hard surface behind an unstretched canvas as a backing.

    Question 5: Where is the best place to paint--on a table or on an easel?

    Answer 5:Spending too many hours painting with an easel hurts our necks and our arms. Painting for too many hours on a flat surface makes just our necks sore. Switching between the two can help ease some of that soreness! We ranked our 3 favorite options by level of ease:

    1. EASY - Lay your canvas on a flat surface and securely tape it using masking tape. We are addicted to paint by numbers ourselves and found this to be the simplest and most pleasant way of painting. It is also very easy to pick up and move to a different space!
    2. MEDIUM – Tape, tack, or binder clip your canvas to a piece of foam board or cardboard. This method gives you a strong and hard back for your canvas and also makes your project very portable! You can still put your canvas on a flat surface, or stand it up on an easel.
    3. DIFFICULT – Stretching your canvas is the most difficult. It makes your canvas less portable and you will no longer have that hard backing, which usually makes painting the canvas a bit more challenging. A stretched kit is also a little harder to frame after you are finished--but it definitely does not hurt to try!

      Why us?

      Our paint by numbers kits come in all sorts of sizes small, large and extra-large ones and we have kits for people of all ages. You don’t have any artistic tools necessary to make the best out of your crafty potential? Rest assured, we got you all covered our paint by numbers kits come with the best to use acrylic paints, brushes and board -all you need is just some water and your amazing sharp imaginative crafty mind.




      Paint by numbers kits are not just for kids but also for adults

       Our acrylic paints are of the best quality which easily and effectively gets absorbed on the canvas without risking any smudging. Explore the best of our kit’s selection staggering over 1300 unique designs which will never get you tired of this amazing holistic method of doing paint by numbers kits which interconnects body, mind, spirit and emotions altogether.

      Our paint by numbers are specially designed for adults and believe it or not paint by numbers were originally made for adults but then later it was observed that kids would also love it and so they can renovate their latent painting skills and be on their way to choose from raveling and amazing master pieces to complete them and create masterpieces over masterpieces.

      Children’s paint by number kits usually have a few defining features that make them more kid-friendly. They’re easier to complete, feature themes and images that are more appealing to children, and generally, don’t require multiple hours of work to finish. As their attention span might be smaller than adults and they need more immediate attention, it’s better to shop for a paint by numbers kit made just for kids if it’s their first attempt.

       From our small, medium to extra-large paint by numbers kits , you can choose from heart warming natural landscapes of Switzerland, fierce nature like ‘Lion fighting with a bull image’ or you can go for simple yet intriguing piece such as ‘Abstract tree lady and birds’ the more you explore the more you would want to indulge yourself in this amazingly satisfying journey.

      Our paint by numbers kits can help in your self-realizing journey of painting by helping you to see shapes of colors without the help of inscribed outlines. For new art aspirants doing paint by numbers kits helps them in looking at a subject with areas of colors and focusing on the smaller sections and their colors rather than getting perplexed because of focusing on the end product.

      By the time you are done with 2-5 paint by numbers projects you will be a complete professional with amazing brush stroking techniques and details of various sizes.

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