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Collection: Wolf Paint By Numbers

Check out our collection and find the best Wolf Paint by Numbers with the price "starting from" $17.95 and sizes in 40x50cm 50x65cm 60x75cm.

Wolf Paint by Numbers 

The popularity of paint by numbers has revived in the past few years. This is likely due to the fact that DIY arts and crafts are trending all over the world. Wolves Paint by Numbers is a fun way for both kids and adults to relax and de-stress, to create stunning artworks of wolves, to improve artistic and painting skills, also to learn about wolves and their ecology. Our "wolf paint by numbers" comes with everything you need to finish your painting, including a pre-printed canvas, paint colors, and paintbrushes.

Are you a wolf lover? Are you interested in wildlife and animals? Do wolves make you wonder? Why not try our Wolf Paint by Numbers and get yourself engaged in painting the Wondrous Wolves of the Wild. 

The Wondrous Wolves Paint by Numbers

One of the most well-known wild animals in the world is the wolf. Wolves are known for their strength, hunting abilities, and pack mentality. Wolves are social animals and live in packs of around six to eight wolves. They use their pack mentality to hunt and protect their territory. Wolves symbolize loyalty, teamwork, friendship, family, protection, and more noble traits and wolves do have great significance for humans as well.  

      When the snow falls and white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” 

(George R.R. Martin)

Wolves are fascinating creatures that have long been the subject of lore and legend. Wolves are featured in movies, TV shows, novels, etc, these means of entertainment have huge fan bases. Thus raising the curiosity of people for wolves. All the Wolf enthusiasts now have the golden chance to bring home their own wolf, with our wolves paint by numbers. You can make amazing artworks of wolves by following the numbered guide on the canvas of pre-drawn wolf design, that is provided in your "wolf paint by numbers". All you have to do is simply color each section on canvas with the corresponding color and a masterpiece is ready in no time using our Wolf Paint by Numbers.  

Can I get a customized painting of my favorite wolf character for my Wolf Paint by Numbers?

Yes, you can get a customized painting of your favorite wolf character for your wolf paint by numbers. We will convert the picture you want into paint by numbers. To get a customized painting, place an order for a custom paint by numbers and send us the picture that you want. The picture will be sent to you converted in Wolf Paint by Numbers.  

Is Wolf Paint by Numbers interesting for kids?

Wolves are captivating creatures and are well-liked by huge numbers of people ranging from kids to adults. Our wolf paint by numbers will be richly interesting for kids as they get to paint a fantastic beast and gain knowledge about paintings, artistic skills, color mixing, etc.

How long will my Wolves Paint by Numbers take to be delivered to me?

It will take 3-5 days for your wolf paint by numbers to be delivered to you if it's in our USA stock and the shipping address is in the USA. For the rest of the orders, it takes 12-30 days to deliver. For further information visit our shipping policy or contact support

Can I finish my Wolf Paint by Numbers with the colors I received with it?

You are provided with enough colors with Wolves Paint by Numbers to finish your artwork. If you use your colors appropriately, your colors can last through your artwork. Hence you can finish your Wolf Paint by Numbers with the colors you received with it.

Should I or should I not buy additional items for my Wolf Paint by Numbers? 

If you are a novice or your experience is relatively fresh then you should not buy additional items for your paint by numbers. The items you are provided with are enough to finish your paint by numbers. So grab your Wolf Paint by Numbers and you are good to go. On the other hand, if you are an experienced artist you should buy additional items suitably for your wolf paint by numbers. Feel free to check our tools and supplies in case you need something.

How can I store the paintbrushes I used for my Wolf Paint by Numbers?

You can store your paintbrushes in any container or jar you have at your house. Or you can get a paintbrush holder for yourself. We offer a good quality paintbrush holder, check it out and place an order.