Inventor of Paint by Numbers

Father of Paint By Numbers Dies at 93

Dan Robbins, the beloved creator who created the first paint-by-numbers paintings, died last Monday in Ohio, at the age of 93. His family informed of the death to the Associated Press.

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Robbins first came up with the idea of the paintings while working at a Paint Company in Detroit in the 1940, inspired by Leonardo DaVinci, who had used numbered backgrounds to teach his students and Robbins wanted to try something similar.

At first the paintings were mocked and nobody thought the idea would succeed, but it went on to become a national sensation in the subsequent decade, with year sales peaking at 2 million kits. The art form remains a piece of American culture after all this time.

In 2001, the Smithsonian Institution celebrated the phenomenon with a themed exhibition in 2001 at the National Museum of American History.

Robbins lived by his wife, two sons, and several grandchildren.


ohh thats a really sad news, i love paint by numbers... we owe this man a lot.... He saved many lives with his invention.

Jenny  Apr 5, 2019

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