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Collection: Fox Paint By Numbers

Scroll through our collection and find the best Fox Paint by Numbers with the price "starting from" and 40x50 cm 50x65 cm 60x75 cm sizes.

Fox Paint by Numbers

In the past, painting could only be done by professional artists. People could only use the work of other painters for home decor etc. But thanks to the Fox Paint by Numbers, which can make you hang your own work on your wall. With "fox paint by numbers", painting is now not restricted to professional artists only. It is easy enough for people of any age, gender, and skill level to make quality artwork using paint by numbers fox. 

Are you a fox lover? Do you interest in foxes and wildlife? Are you fascinated by foxes? Why do not you try our Fox Paint by Numbers and get into the adventures of painting your favorite animal, a fox?

Why Fox Paint by Numbers is fascinating?

Foxes are small to medium-sized animals that are omnivores and eat small mammals, insects, fruits, and vegetables for their food. Foxes have reddish-brown fur, a white belly, and a black tail. They are generally shy animals but can be very aggressive when threatened. Foxes are known for their intelligence, cunning, and resourcefulness.

  “A fox can be smarter than a wolf.”

  (Tamuna Tsertsvadze)

Foxes are fascinating creatures that are depicted in fables and stories. Our fox paint by numbers is an appealing choice to get into the world of painting. Our "Fox Paint by Numbers" comes with a canvas that has a pre-drawn design of a fox with numbered sections to instruct you to paint the color in correspondence with the number. You are also provided with the colors used in your chosen artwork together with a set of paintbrushes to make your artwork. Our fox paint by numbers will soothe your mind and relieve the stress from your busy life and give you pure satisfaction and joy when you finish your artwork.

How Long will it take to deliver my Fox Paint by Numbers?

It will take about 3-5 days to deliver your Fox Paint by Numbers if it's in the USA stock and the shipping address in the USA. Otherwise, it takes 12-30 days to deliver your order. For further information visit our shipping policy or contact support

Is Fox Paint by Numbers right for kids?

Fox Paint by Numbers is right for kids because foxes are depicted in fables and stories as well as animated movies, cartoons, and other means of entertainment, so foxes are of interest to kids. Our fox paint by numbers will engage kids in painting, fascinating animals and make them creative and productive.

What colors are you giving with Fox Paint by Numbers?

We are giving acrylic colors with Fox Paint by Numbers that are water-soluble, so it's easy for our customers to wash their hands, palette, and brushes after finishing their artwork. Acrylic colors dry quickly which makes them easy to use for inexperienced painting artists. 

Should I use different paintbrushes for my Fox Paint by Numbers?

You should use different paintbrushes for your Fox Paint by Numbers if you are an experienced artist who wants to make premium quality artwork, or you are simply collecting paintbrushes for your collection. Otherwise, there is no need to use different paintbrushes for your artwork.

What tools are the best to use with Fox Paint by Numbers?

The best tools to use with Fox Paint by Numbers are a tabletop easel and LED light head magnifier glasses. Using a tabletop easel will help you finish your artwork easily and efficiently because you can sit at a desk while painting your artwork of Fox Paint by Numbers. LED light head magnifier glasses will enhance your vision and focus in making your artwork. 

How a frame can be used with my Fox Paint by Numbers?

A frame can be used to hang your Fox Paint by Numbers on your wall after you have finished your artwork. A frame can be used with your Paint by Numbers to decorate your home and exhibit your significant artwork to loved ones and people around you. A frame also can be used with your fox paint by numbers to secure it from damages and wrinkles.